Program Management

Being a professional services provider, MediQuest takes pride in its project execution experience and capability. Equipped with advanced technologies, quality systems and project management process templates, our programs are managed by a highly efficient team of qualified personnel that understand business priorities and align efforts accordingly.

As a leading PCO services firm, we provide turnkey solutions to effectively manage live educational programs. Our execution processes, on the ground supervision, flawless logistics planning, rigorous sub-contractor management, pre and post-program follow ups and feedback systems, are all based on world-class standards and highly commended.

We are delighted about the numerous successful events and activities that have been a host for the top tier medical firms, practitioners, nursing schools and other medical and health care associations. Our success lies in our ability in dealing with a diverse group of clients, external sources, partners, hospitality providers and in meeting their needs without compromising on standards and results.

We tailor our program management offerings in conformity with the client objectives. For example, if an event would specifically need a different solution for communication or a new technology aid for teaching, we evaluate and source/plan/design accordingly. Hence, we also have excellent experiences in organizing and utilizing modern ways of teaching and transmitting knowledge at several high profile conventions. We have the most methodical approach to adapt to the specific needs of the client to deliver the best and help our client derive maximum value from the event.

Key Offerings:

We offer a range of options. Some of which include:

  • Conference and event organization
  • Conference management and supervision
  • Event design and production
  • Project and PMO services
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