Digital Products and Services for Self-Learning

At Mediquest Digital, we venture to integrate software, quality content, cloud and mobile device capabilities, to deliver a meaningful and sticky experience for the user.

Whether in the communication to healthcare practitioners or industry field professionals or the medical practices, digital solutions provide sustainable benefits in lowering overall time to market and the lifetime costs in delivery and service management.

We aim to provide portable learning in consumer device format, readily available
on the fingertips.

Digital Learning

Revolutionizing research and medical- scientific information dissemination through digital technologies

Digital technologies provide,

  • Dependable and validated solutions for the pharmaceutical and life/health sciences industry
  • Multiple offerings from apps to live digital content, designed and delivered to User needs
  • Quick time to market products and services
  • As-a-service usage models, created as co-developed products
  • Dynamic learning, enabled by a real-time content refresh of medical products/courses
  • Data analytics to support user-level personalization and market understanding
A wide range of products are also covered in our digital/mobile learning contents and point solutions, such as reference info tools, tables, calculators – available as e-books, pdfs, e-newsletters and online solutions.

Digital Learning Solutions

Subject specific state of the art applications centred around mobile learning

Specialty or sub-specialty contents, endorsed by leading international medical societies, international Key Opinion Leaders, delivered on the iOS and Android devices covering,

  • Digital learning resources, specialized content products for HCPs in specific specialities 
  • Custom designed information resources for continuing education that provide regular updates in the medical fields (e-campaigns, e-zines for case studies and e-mail newsletters)
  • Digital References and Pocket Guides (Ex., Drug interaction Tables, Guidelines, Reference Data Tools)
  • Digital healthcare communications tools, such as Self-assessment tools for HCPs, test aids and certifications, digital calculators and diagnostic/condition management tools
Digital media production for e-learning is also available in different formats (eBooks, pdf documents, audios, videos, mobile apps, websites).

Digital Services and Online Resources

Online/web-based resources and medical content management platforms

Live events and online programs, focused webcasts/webinars (recorded or streamed online) delivered on specific topics through,

  • Web conferences and events (Webcasts, Webinars, other broadcast/interactive events)
  • Web portals for learning/online information resources
  • Video conferences and video meetings (HD digital video collaboration)
  • Event Information apps and websites (Before, during and after events)
  • Digital platform for communications and content management (designed for the industry)
From interactive e-books, mobile apps, e-assessments portals and specific point tools to broader content and communication platforms for the industry, Mediquest Digital is a creative, reliable partner for your digital learning solutions/services designed for HCPs and the industry professionals.
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