CME Activities for Life-Long Learning

Mediquest has an experienced eye and keen understanding of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.

Uniquely poised to bring you the latest and most credible updates on global development in the field of medicine, you can rely on us for your knowledge-driven programs, industry communications and outreach initiatives through our speciality focused programs, content publications, events and conferences.

Our Continuing Medical Education covers varied programs and courses, internationally recognized certifications, online or app-based self-assessments and e-learning modules in multiple media and formats for self-paced ongoing learning for professionals.

Designed for the industry and developed in partnership with globally leading international medical societies, institutions and CME providers, our programs, publications and specialty learning initiatives are trusted for over 30 years by pharma industry supporters.


Practice improving credible updates
from engaging and relevant scientific/educational programs in collaboration with the industry

Our live educational programs provide an opportunity for one-to-one interactions with many crucial international opinion leaders and experts, making it an enriching experience for the participants while aiding in improving clinical practice.

We have extensive experience in conceptualizing, planning, creating and executing live educational programs that are designed to be engaging, interactive and planned to cover the following topics.

We regularly conduct a range of such programs in various speciality areas of interest for our clients, and we also provide end to end execution of the events/conferences.

With the most up-to-date, relevant information that enhances knowledge, competence and professional expertise our programs are highly appreciated and valued in their local environment.

Educational Offerings

With focus on enhancing clinical practice and improving outcomes, we offer various educational initiatives oriented towards aiding and engaging medical practitioners in their quest for knowledge.

CME initiatives includes self-paced, Print and online self – assessment programs, Expert opinions, Case study workshops, Webcasts, Medical Multimedia, Expert opinions & interviews and group meetings with supplemented video films for surgical procedures.

Devised and endorsed by leading medical societies, institutions and international key opinion leaders these lifelong learning activities also encompass participant evaluation, recognition and certification. These programs are designed to stimulate clinical and practice management skills, these programs also push for quality patient care. We have delivered a considerable set of CME and Education programs over wide-ranging medical specialties and treatment areas. Online or mobile delivery based specialty learning programs, assessment tests and certification programs are designed in collaboration with the industry.

Mediquest AV

With its vast experience of over a decade and a half in conducting live educational programs, Mediquest is proud to announce the launching of Mediquest AV, a robust, technologically advanced initiative for providing world class Audio Visual and Event Management services for comprehensive management of your CME programs and events. These new services launched by Mediquest are extremely customer oriented and customized, satiating needs of our pharmaceutical sponsors and partners. Mediquest AV provides you a one stop solution for your medical events, right from print and online event promotional materials, to online, participant registration, event apps, onsite audio visuals, stage décor, delegate kits, live recording of scientific sessions, signage’s, specialized media planning, print and digital advertising, you will have to look no further for hosting a world class event.

Publications & Journals

Globally published scientific journals & books that are valued guides and references for the practitioners and the industry professionals

Our curated and carefully sourced offerings, presented to the medical practitioners, include a wide range of custom-published international books and journals that have been developed in association with leading international publishers and scientific, medical societies.

Our clinical reference journals and healthcare books are the most widely respected and trusted by faculty and practitioners.

We offer a comprehensive series of custom-published international books and journals in association with leading international publishers and medical societies. Our clinical reference journals and books are the most widely respected and trusted by faculty and practitioners around the world.

We also offer newsletters, practice aids, clinical practice guidelines and pocket reference charts. Medical literature, patient education tools and displays from trusted providers are also available in print and multiple media.

We take care of the full cycle from concept, selection/sourcing of the content, to the print publishing and distribution.

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